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Mirena IUD Complications Involving Uterine Perforation

Mirena IUD Uterine Perforation

One of the most serious complications associated with the Mirena IUD is perforation of the uterus or migration of the IUD within the body. These complications may cause further problems that include but are not limited to:  injury or perforation of other organs, infection, adhesions, infertility, and/or ectopic pregnancy. Symptoms of uterine perforation and/or migration include:  lower abdominal pain, severe cramping, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and/or fever.  “A ‘missing’ IUD string should raise suspicion” of IUDs that may have perforated the uterine wall or... Read More

Transvaginal Mesh Commonly Reported Injuries

Transvaginal Mesh Common Injuries

Pelvic Organ Prolapse ("POP"), aka bladder prolapse, and Stress Urinary Incontinence ("SUI") are common conditions in women.  The University of Rochester Medical Center conducted a study of 16,616 women with a uterus and found that 41% have experienced POP.  SUI’s prevalence is said to occur in 30% of women five years after a vaginal delivery, but due to its seemingly embarrassing nature, SUI is underreported and many who suffer from it do not seek treatment.  Dr. Memel Harrison conducted a study through... Read More

Da Vinci Surgical Robot Deployment Continues to Climb

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

As Intuitive Surgical Inc. continues to aggressively market its da Vinci surgical robot, its popularity is growing, but so are incidents of injuries allegedly caused by the device and surgeons operating it. CNBC recently reported on many if the issues associated with the device, and CNBC Investigations Inc. conducted intensive research, which included interviews with surgeons, ex-employees, patients, lawyers, internal documents, studies, and current lawsuits, that resulted in the following findings: 1.     According to their research, “…da Vinci hospital robot placements and... Read More

FDA Grapples With Social Media

FDA Social Media Issues

As businesses continue to capitalize on social media as an inexpensive and effective advertising tool, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to find ways to embrace this trend while abiding by FDA regulations, “…fear of offending the FDA has led pharmaceutical makers to be overly cautious and shy away from social media—even if they’re not violating the law.” Social media has existed as a platform for patients with health concerns since the 1990s. “Some people are surprised to learn that online discussion forums... Read More

Mirena IUD Lawsuits Consolidated in New York Federal Court


Over objections raised by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals*, the United States Judicial Panel ("USJP") on Multidistrict Litigation has consolidated most federal lawsuits alleging injuries caused by the Mirena intrauterine device. In the matter of In Re: Mirena IUD Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2434, the Panel ruled that cases alleging the migration and/or perforation of the device, and the inadequacy of the warnings issued by Bayer with regard to these risks, will now be heard in the United States District Court... Read More