Gig Economy Lawyers

In recent years, Audet & Partners, LLP has amassed particular expertise representing workers with new “Gig Economy” companies.  If you are a Gig Economy worker, the basic legal issue involves whether your employer has properly (and legally) classified you as an independent contractor.  This classification has significant implications for your earnings.  Independent contractors are denied many of the legal protections and benefits provided to “employees.”

As experienced Gig Economy lawyers, we can provide a free, confidential consultation and advise whether you may have been improperly classified as an “independent contractor.”  If so, we may be able to assist you, for example, in recovering financial reimbursement for many of the work-related expenses you have been forced to pay out-of-pocket.

If you are or have been deemed an “independent contractor” with a  “Gig Economy” company and are interested in learning about your potential legal rights to specific benefits as an employer, you are urged to complete and submit our online questionnaire below as soon as possible.


Confidential Gig Economy Worker Questionnaire

Thank you for contacting Audet & Partners, LLP about your potential legal claim as a Gig Economy workers. Please answer as many of the questions below as you can, but don't worry if you can't answer them all. Please provide estimates when you do not know the exact answer.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your completion of this questionnaire does not create an attorney/client relationship. Your questionnaire and supporting documentation will be reviewed by an attorney, and if your case has merit, a fee agreement and employment authorization will be e-mailed to you for signature.

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