Public Entity

Attorneys at Audet & Partners, LLP are experienced in representing public entities in the prosecution of claims on behalf of public entities, with the goal of obtaining both non-monetary public benefits and monetary recovery for the public entity. Over the past decade, more and more public entities have been filing a variety of legal claims relating to antitrust, overcharge, unfair and deceptive trade practices, leading to the recovery of multiple millions of dollars for the public entities (and its treasury), as well as non-monetary relief. This type of public interest litigation should be considered by all public entities, especially local city and county representatives and agencies, even when private class action litigation has already been commenced regarding a particular claim.

In order to be cost effective for the client, the Attorneys at the Firm will generally work out a ‘contingency’ type agreements depending on the nature of the claims. All agreements with Audet & Partners, llp will follow the dictates of Clancy v. Superior Court, 705 P. 2d 347 (1985) and any applicable state and local laws. Consistent with Clancy and other relevant decisions, the ultimate focus of the litigation will be on the need for appropriate non-monetary relief, as well as any potential for financial recovery. The firm is also mindful of any arrangement will be potentially subject to public scrutiny, and this issue will be taken into account in any fee agreement with the public entity. All public entity clients will work directly with a senior experience attorney at the firm, including founding partner William M. Audet.

If you are a stakeholder in and/or represent a public entity with a potential claim, you should contact Mr. Audet directly to discuss your options and potential for recovery by calling 415.568.2555.

Public Entity Investigations


California IOU Class Action Filed

UPDATE 7/29/2009 - WE HAVE FILED A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT REGARDING THESE CALIFORNIA IOUs. The suit seeks injunctive and declaratory relief on behalf of those who have been issued California IOUs. More details to come, please keep watching this page. Confronted with a large budget impasse, the State of California is now issuing millions of dollars worth of “I.O.U.”s. In addition to creating a major inconvenience for consumers, these I.O.U.s are also creating problems for small businesses that contract with the state... Read More