Public Interest Litigation

In addition to pursuing class and other claims, the attorneys at Audet & Partners, llp continue to pursue claims for the ‘public good’ that benefit the general public. While many of the firm’s cases have a significant benefit to the general public, the firm’s privacy, civil rights, nuisance and other related cases provide a direct benefit to consumers, small businesses and at the same time provide indirect benefits to others as well. In the past, the firm has filed and successfully litigated, by way of settlement verdicts and agreements or trials, civil rights cases, challenges to improper governmental actions, nuisance and trespass claims. Furthermore, the firm has been involved in cases that obtained significant restitution payments to state and local entities, and has obtained significant cypress recoveries that ultimately provide funding for clinics, food banks and other worthy causes.

In these and other cases, the primary goal of the firm is to assist underrepresented people or causes. While most of the firm’s cases involve claims with broader social issues, in the firm’s public interest litigation, the emphasis is almost solely on the public’s interest and protection of constitutional and other rights. The firm’s past impact public interest litigation has provided significant benefits to the general public. We work with non-profit organizations, as well as local agencies, in California and other states, and continue to consider claims that provide non-monetary (and monetary) benefits to the public If you have a claim, or work with a non-profit organization and would like to discuss a public interest case, you should contact Audet & Partners, llp .

For more information about the firm, click here to review the firms’ online resume or click here to obtain pdf copy of resume. For more about the firm’s founder and his public interest work over the past 30 years, click here for a copy of his bio

Public Interest Litigation Investigations


Student Loan Lawsuit Challenges Loans Sold by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

Student Loan Lawsuit

Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating claims in a student loan lawsuit that student loans held by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust ("National Collegiate"), may not be collectible due to the National Collegiate's inability to prove the existence of enforceable debts.  The student loans that may be invalid were made to students more than a decade ago by various lenders. In a scheme similar to that employed the subprime mortgage industry almost ten years ago, large numbers of student loans... Read More

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Threatens Small Businesses

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Lawsuit

On July 7, 2015, Audet & Partners, LLP filed a class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, on behalf of businesses harmed as a result of the recent Santa Barbara oil spill. The pipeline rupture and oil spill in Santa Barbara County has posed significant threats to the environment, wildlife, and small businesses.  The company which owns the ruptured pipeline is Plains All American Pipeline, LP, which has been cited for at least... Read More