Sheet Thread Count Lawsuit Against Manufacturers and Retailers

Sheet Thread Count Lawsuit

Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating sheet thread count lawsuit claims based on an expanding body of information suggesting that manufacturers and/or retailers of bedding sheets fraudulently inflated the thread counts of sheets in order to extract a higher sales price from consumers.

In recent years, the bedding and linen products industry has come to embrace thread count as the primary indicator of sheet quality.  Industry standards have been developed for the measurement and representation of sheet thread counts.  Information that has come to light suggests, however, that sheet manufacturers and/or retailers have deviated from these standards in a way that overstates sheet quality and wrongfully extracts a higher price from consumers than they would have otherwise paid had they been provided an accurate thread count.

In particular, an emerging practice involves counting each strand in “plied yarn” as a separate thread.  In reality, each strand of plied yarn should be counted as one thread, rather than counting each constituent strand as a separate thread.  As a result of this misrepresentation, consumers are duped into paying a higher price for a sheet of inferior quality.

If you recently purchased bedding sheets and believe you paid a higher price based on the represented thread count, you are urged to contact us for a free, confidential consultation with a consumer fraud attorney.  Please complete and submit the inquiry form on the right side of this page, or give us a call at (800) 965-1461.