• Tech Shuttles Operators Sued in San Francisco

    Audet & Partners, LLP has brought a suit against shuttle bus operators based on nuisance created by underutilized buses and noise and air pollution experienced by San Francisco residents.

  • Complaint to SFMTA, February 2015:

    "2100 divisadero, cross sacramento --- all commuter bus idling in front of address date: 2/18 time:745am vehicle#584 permit #08-015 license 63689A1. Driver park in front of a church and he get off the bus smoking and drinking coffee and idling his bus for 8 mins."

  • Complaint to SFMTA, August 2014:

    "I have noticed so much more traffic from these buses on 26th in recent weeks. ... today I heard a loud roar and looked out the window and saw one idling in the construction zone right across the street for several minutes."

  • Complaint to SFMTA, August 2014:

    "One idled for five minutes in the street in front of my driveway which we could feel in our residence.."

Tech Shuttle Operators Sued in San Francisco

Audet & Partners, LLP has brought a lawsuit against private commuter shuttle operators, commonly known as  “Google Buses,” in San Francisco Superior Court alleging, among other things, a public nuisance created by non-compliant bus operations.

In August 2014, the City and County of San Francisco launched an 18-month Commuter Shuttle Pilot Program intended to reduce traffic congestion and related negative environmental impacts being brought about by an escalating number of San Francisco residents commuting to Silicon Valley jobs with tech giants including Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and Apple.

What in theory may have been laudable in intent has turned into a nightmare for scores of City residents who have complained that the program has worked to exacerbate many of the concerns it was designed to alleviate. Since the launch of the shuttle bus program, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (“SFMTA”) has been inundated with complaints from residents alleging intolerable noise pollution and toxic fumes emitted by idling, often empty buses in thickly-settled residential areas.

The Complaint filed by Audet &  Partners, LLP alleges that the bus companies hired by Google and Facebook, among others, have systematically failed to adequately train and monitor their employees and properly maintain their vehicles, in violation of City ordinances, all of which has served to create a public nuisance.

If you are a resident of San Francisco and have experienced undue noise or air pollution in your neighborhood resulting from idling tech shuttle buses, you are urged to contact Audet &  Partners, LLP to learn more about this lawsuit and how it may potentially address your concerns. You can reach us either by calling (415) 568-2555, or by completing and submitting the confidential inquiry form on the right side of this page.

Update: Google Bus Program Faces Continued Challenges in San Francisco

The tech shuttle lawsuit brought by Audet & Partners, LLP against “Google Bus,” or “Tech Shuttle” operators in San Francisco is but one legal challenge being faced by the shuttle program.  According to a recent report, the Board of Supervisors in the City of San Francisco have expressed continued concerns that may potentially cripple the shuttle program.

Superintendents of the Board of Supervisors recently met to consider an appeal of a City decision that the tech shuttle program did not warrant an environmental review.  Though a couple of superintendents expressed support for the Program, Sup. Scott Weiner noted that “… the majority of this board opposes the shuttle program.”  Additionally, the recent addition to the Board of Supervisors of Aaron Peskin, considered by many as a strong voice for regulation and environmental compliance, may suggest that potentially tighter controls over tech-related corporate operations may be evident in the near future.

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