Audet & Partners, LLP to Launch Second SmartPhone App | Audet & Partners, LLP

Audet & Partners, LLP to Launch Second SmartPhone App

The law firm of Audet & Partners, LLP is proud to announce the upcoming launch of yet another cutting-edge smartphone application.  This app will be available for users of both iPhone and Android devices, and should be live within just a few days. Our first app was designed as a general resource for people who are looking for a consumer attorney, and our second app will be more focused on the needs of accident victims, and their families.

As with our websites, blogs, and other outreach efforts, the information provided will be for informational purposes only, and any person who has been the victim of a severe vehicle accident is urged to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

This new app is entitled Audet Accident Law Resources, and will be available at both the Apple App Store and at the Android Marketplace. Our first app, entitled Audet Law News Legal Information is available for free download here.

The new accident law app will contain links to all of our online accident law resources, as well as videos on accident prevention, and an in-app mapping feature that allows drivers to plan safe routes. In addition, it is fully integrated with Facebook, foursquare, Twitter. We are excited to make this resource available to the general public, and we welcome your feedback on this new smartphone law and legal application.

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