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Google Glass Debuts In The Operating Room

Google Glass is an exciting new technology from Google, the creator of the now-famous search engine by the same name. Essentially, Google Glass is a pair of glasses without lenses, but with a small computer screen in the upper-right portion of the right side of the glasses.* Despite some controversy over its potential uses and privacy concerns, physicians at the Ohio State University are already pioneering Google Glass for use in the operating room during surgery.*

Dr. Christopher Kaeding, the Director of Sports Medicine at the Ohio State University, said that there is a possibility that the technology could be incorporated into everyday medical treatment.* Dr. Kaeding performed a repair of a patient’s ACL with the assistance of the glasses, which he commented, seemed to be “very intuitive” and “fit seamlessly.”* With the help of his new glasses, Dr. Kaeding’s viewpoint was broadcast live to a variety of observers, including colleagues and local medical students.* Dr. Kaeding through his colleague, Dr. Ismail Nabeel, was only one of one thousand individuals granted the privilege of obtaining an early version of Google Glasses.* The two doctors partners together to perform the ACL surgery on their patient.*

The use of Google Glass could revolutionize the study and practice of medicine. For example, it may allow medical students an up-close view of surgery through the surgeon’s eyes.* It may also allow surgeons to use voice-recognition technology to pull up x-rays, charts, reports, and other patient medical information during surgery, without looking at a separate screen or physical paperwork.* It may also allow physicians to collaborate with colleagues across great distances in real time, improving surgical efficacy in the process.*

* Ohio State Doctor Shows Promise of Google Glass in Live Surgery, (the Ohio State University, August 27, 2013),

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