Wisconsin Indian Tribe Sues Equifax for 2017 Data Breach

Wisconsin Indian Tribe Sues Equifax for 2017 Data Breach

In a class action brought on behalf of all federally recognized Indian tribes, the St. Croix Indians of Wisconsin are seeking damages from Equifax resulting from the massive data breach between May and July of 2017 that released personally identifiable information (PII) of nearly 150 million people.  Though the legal theories and standards of liability set forth in the Complaint do not significantly differ from other class actions filed against Equifax over the past year, this filing is unique insofar as it seeks to protect the interests of all recognized Indian tribes.

The Complaint states that:

Non-Indian Tribe plaintiffs are not adequate class representatives for federally recognized and sovereign Indian Tribes and Nations and their Members, and Non-Indian Tribe plaintiffs and their counsel are not lawfully permitted to represent the subject claims of any such Indian Tribes and Nations and their Members.


William Audet, Founder and Managing Partner of Audet & Partners, LLP has represented Indian tribes in the past.  If you are a member of a federally recognized tribe and would like to better understand your rights in potential class action litigation, please feel free to contact us for a free, confidential consultation by completing and submitting the inquiry form on the right side of this page.

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