Injured by an Exploding Flushmate Toilet? You May Be Able To Join a Class Action Lawsuit

After people were injured by “exploding toilets” the Consumer Products and Safety Commission ordered a recall of over 2.3 million Sloan Flushmate III toilets. This was a very popular toilet because of its of its powerful flush. The system, however, apparently was not strong enough to withstand the air and water pressure it created, causing the tank lid to rise and shatter the tank. There have already been over 300 flushmate problems reported involving toilets that have burst causing plumbing and other damage to households. Even worse, many people have been seriously injured from lacerations after sitting on or being near the toilet when it exploded.

After the Flushmate recall, the company offered a free repair kit. The do-it-yourself kit apparently does not work properly, and a professional plumber is needed to replace the system. Additionally, the repair kit fails to solve the damage done to homes or the physical injures people have suffered. As a result, the company has been sued to recover damages for those affected.

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