Asiana Airlines Plane Crash

Audet & Partners, LLP wishes to extend it sympathy and concern for those affected by the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport on July 6, 2013.
7月6號韓亞航空214班機墜機事件三藩市律師行Audet and Partners, LLP 向這宗意外中的受害者和家屬致以深切慰問


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Audet & Partners, LLP has extensive experience representing victims of “mass torts” or large-scale accidents occurring in the San Francisco area.  In 2008, the firm represented a class of commercial fishing and crabbing businesses which had suffered significant losses resulting from an oil spill in San Francisco Bay.  In that case, a Cosco Busan tanker had crashed in the Bay discharging approximately 58,000 gallons of heavy fuel, killing sea birds and spurring the closure of nearly two dozen beaches and piers.
Audet and Partners, LLP  有豐富的經驗,表示大型事故發生在舊金山地區的受害者。2008年,該公司遭受了重大損失,導致從溢油事故發生在舊金山灣的商業捕魚和捕蟹企業的代表一類。在這種情況下,中遠釜山油輪在海灣墜毀排放約58,000加侖的重燃油,造成海鳥和刺激近兩打的海灘和碼頭關閉。


In 2010, Audet & Partners, LLP filed a lawsuit to compel financial disbursements of more than $100 million to victims of a devastating explosion and resulting fire in San Bruno, California.
在2010年,Audet & Partners, LLP提起訴訟,迫使財政支出超過1億美元在加州San Bruno,一場毀滅性的爆炸並導致火災的受害者。


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