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BP "Rampart" Organic Shingles

BP (Building Products of Canada) “Rampart” Organic Shingles

BP Organic shingles are supposed to last for 25 years.  According to numerous published complaints, these shingles may only last for between 2 to 12 years.
Here are samples of typical complaints about these shingles:
  1. “My roof was installed in 1997. The shingles have bald spots, cracking and curling.”
  2. “I installed the shingles with a guaranty of 25 years and after 9 years the shingles started to warp. “
  3. “After only 10 years, the 25 year shingles were toast. “
  4. “We were halfway through our 25-year BP shingles when the roof started leaking. Weren’t able to get a penny from them.”
Additional BP Organic Shingle complaints may be found here:
The BP Organic Shingle factory warranty is here: [blog-url]/wp-content/uploads/shinglewarranty.pdf
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