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Georgia-Pacific PrimeTrim Building Trim

Audet and Partners, LLP is investigating claims that PrimeTrim, a synthetic building molding product manufactured, marketed, and sold by Georgia-Pacific often fails to perform up to warranty standards and marketing representations touting the product as more durable than traditional lumber.  To the contrary, many owners of buildings that have incorporated PrimeTrim have allegedly found that PrimeTrim has shown signs of deterioration, rotting, swelling, buckling, delamination, water absorption, warping and/or bulging well before the expiration of the 30-year express warranty provided by Georgia-Pacific.

Homeowners who have been affected by these types of problems may be able to assert legal claims based on defects in the PrimeTrim material, misrepresentations in the company’s marketing of the product, and/or a litany of other legal theories.  Damages potentially available in these legal claims may exceed he maximum amount to which damages would otherwise be limited under the manufacturer’s warranty, which are limited to two-times the purchase price of the PrimeTrim product.

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