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James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is marketed as lasting for a certain number of “years.”  But according to allegations in a recent class action lawsuit, it may not last that long.  In fact, according to the allegations in the complaint, the James Hardie cement siding has certain manufacturing defects.  Products involved may include:

“Hardie Fiber-Cement”

These alleged defects cause the fiber siding to crack, warp, and shrink.  These alleged defects apparently cause it to pull away from its fasteners, in certain cases.  Since consumers purchase siding to protect and beautify their homes, these apparent defects are very problematic, and result in uneeded trouble and expense for the homeowners involved.

In light of this, a class action lawsuit was recently filed by consumers who purchased James Hardie Building Products “fiber cement siding,” and who are now experiencing the above problems.  Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating the matter, and would like to speak to California residents who have experienced similar issues with James Hardie siding.  If you purchased James Hardie siding for your home, and it prematurely failed and/or started cracking, shrinking, warping, etc., please do not hesitate to contact our law firm to speak to an attorney.

Please call us toll-free at 800.965.1461 and ask to speak to attorney Michael McShane.  We are investigating the matter at this point, and would like to hear your experiences with this apparently defective consumer product.

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