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Risperdal Lawsuit Settlement Costs Johnson & Johnson $5.9 Million

Janssen Pharmaceutical, Inc., the division of Johnson & Johnson that developed and marketed the Risperdal antipsychotic medication, has settled a Risperdal lawsuit brought by the State of Montana for $5.9 million.  The Attorney General of Montana had initiated a lawsuit against the manufacturer in 2008 alleging that the company promoted the drug as safe despite having knowledge of a range of dangerous side effects, including diabetes.

The settlement terms require Johnson & Johnson to cease any misleading marketing of Risperdal, and provides funds for the State of Montana earmarked both to address drug abuse and fund mental health services.

Johnson & Johnson has been hit with a spate of lawsuits in connection with Risperdal, including claims now under investigation by Audet & Partners, LLP that the drug stimulates abnormal growth of breast tissue in male patients.

Johnson & Johnson’s marketing of Risperdal has also come under criminal prosecution.  In November 2013, the company admitted in a whistleblower lawsuit that its marketing of Risperdal included extensive kickbacks to physicians, and promotion of off-label uses of the antipsychotic drug.  In that criminal prosecution, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $2.2 billion in fines and penalties.

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