Popular Latina Music Star Graciela Beltran Sues EMI Music, Inc. Over Royalties

Popular Latina music star Graciela Beltran, by and through her attorneys at Audet & Partners, LLP, a San Francisco,California-based trial law firm, and the Law Offices of Lopez & Associates, has filed a class action complaint (Case # CV121002) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against EMI Music, Inc. The case arises out of the alleged failure of EMI to pay the full royalty rates to artists such as Ms. Beltran on revenue generated from the licensing of digital downloads and/or ringtones.

“From the information we have received, it appears EMI has failed to pay Ms. Beltran and its other artists the amount owed on the licensing of songs for digital downloads and ringtones,” stated Beltran’s attorney Joshua C. Ezrin of Audet & Partners, LLP. “Graciela Beltran is bringing this action to ensure all artists are properly paid for their work.”


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