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The Serious Dangers of Metal Hip Implants

Metallosis is a health condition caused by the collection of metal particles within the soft tissues of the body. When a patient receives a metal-on-metal hip implant, the metal pieces rub together and cause these metal particles to be released into the body. Some health reports indicate that with every step, a metal hip impact produces between 100,000 and 1 million particles of debris. The immune system identifies them as foreign bodies and attacks. This causes inflammation in the joints and other health problems.

What health problems are associated with Metallosis?

Patients who have received metal hip implants, such as those made by Biomet, have reported numerous health problems. This condition causes soft tissue damage and greying or decay of the tissue surrounding the implant. This atrophy occurs as the oxygen flow to the issue decreases over time. Additionally, metallosis may cause what is called a “pseudo tumor” – a collection of liquid mass around an infected area that appears as a tumor.

Metallosis can also cause metal poisoning. The metal particles release high levels of cobalt and chromium particles levels into the bloodstream. This causes a wide range of health problems depending on individual sensitivity to metal toxicity. In addition to the physical health problems noted, Metallosis can cause a patient to experience cognitive problems, emotional problems, and nervous system problems.

Can I prevent Metallosis?

Unfortunately it is not known how to prevent Metallosis nor how to predict which patients will develop the condition. The only known way to prevent it from occurring in connection with hip replacement is to avoid the metal-on-metal hip implants such as the ones manufactured by Biomet.

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