Lyft Driver Lawsuit

Lyft Driver Class Actions

Audet & Partners, LLP has taken a lead role in moving forward a Lyft Driver Lawsuit representing drivers claiming that they were improperly classified as independent contractors, and thus were denied many benefits – monetary and otherwise – that they should have received as Lyft Employees.  These benefits may have included, but not be limited to, necessary expenses to maintain and purchase vehicles, as well as other expenses such as gasoline, insurance, and phone data charges.

It is possible that some Lyft drivers may either elect, or be required to, pursue their claims in arbitration.  Mark Burton of Audet & Partners, LLP, has successfully pursued substantially similar claims on behalf of Uber Drivers against Uber, collecting substantial reimbursement for Uber Drivers.

The firm has also initiated a separate lawsuit on behalf of Lyft drivers against Uber alleging that Uber invaded their privacy by intercepting communications in an effort to pilfer business from Lyft.  You can click here to view the Complaint filed in the Lyft driver class action against Uber.

If you are or have been a Lyft driver and are interested in pursuing either a class action claim or individual arbitration against Lyft, you are urged to complete and submit our online questionnaire below as soon as possible.


Confidential Lyft Driver Questionnaire

Thank you for contacting Audet & Partners, LLP about your potential legal claim against Lyft. Please answer as many of the questions below as you can, but don't worry if you can't answer them all. Please provide estimates when you do not know the exact answer.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your completion of this questionnaire does not create an attorney/client relationship. Your questionnaire and supporting documentation will be reviewed by an attorney, and if your case has merit, a fee agreement and employment authorization will be e-mailed to you for signature.

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