Consumer Protection And False Advertising Claims

Despite the best efforts of federal and state agencies to ‘protect’ consumers, these same agencies recognize that private enforcement of federal and state laws is critical in light of the lack of resources to prosecute every viable claim. Manipulative practices and false advertising will come in a variety of ways, but the end result is that a consumer has economically suffered by the wrongdoers conduct, including false advertising, loan fraud, misleading marketing, internet fraud, over billing and other schemes.

The attorneys at Audet & Partners, LLP have been at the forefront of protecting consumer’s rights, including pursuing false and misleading advertising claims throughout the United States. As our Firm Resume reveals, the firm has been involved in many of the largest class consumer protection cases over the past decade. At the same time, the firm has the reputation as an ethical, yet aggressive advocate for its clients. The results in fact, speak for themselves, and also reveal that the firm has avoided so called “coupon” settlements, and instead focused on ensuring that the recovery is tangible in both monetary and non-monetary relief, whether by trial or by settlement. While no guarantees will be made with respect to any client’s case, the firm is committed to justice in every case it accepts.

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