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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuit Update: Jury Awards Oregon Woman $100K

An Oregon jury awarded $100,000 to a woman who suffered injuries allegedly tied to da Vinci robotic gynecological surgery.  Michelle Elsey was unaware of the seriousness of her injuries until a CT scan years later revealed that several foreign objects had been left in her pelvis after a malfunction of the da Vinci robotics during her prior surgery. Da Vinci Robotics and Medical Malpractice In 2007, Mrs. Elsey complained of pelvic pain and sought treatment from Dr. Daniel Laury, a prominent Oregon... Read More

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuits May Prompt Heightened Hospital Training

Robotic surgery has been marketed to patients as a safer way to go under-the-knife than more conventional surgeries.  However, the rising number of deaths and serious injuries linked to the robotic systems is not only fueling patient lawsuits, but putting the pressure on hospitals to better train doctors in the use of these devices. The “da Vinci” Surgical System is a sophisticated robotic platform designed to allow surgeons to make fewer, smaller, and more precise incisions when performing surgery on patients... Read More

Da Vinci Surgery Allegedly Leaves Broken Instrument in Patient

Intuitive Surgical continues to remain the subject of much discussion because of injuries caused by the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System and its component parts. Of particular concern have been the burns and electrocutions that have seriously injured patients undergoing surgery with the assistance of the robot and its tools. Such burns have resulted in organ damage, infection, and severe bleeding, among other complications. Risk of electrocution and tissue burns are not the only ways in which patients are being harmed... Read More

da Vinci Robot Litigation Weighs on Intuitive Projections

Intuitive Surgical has suffered quite a bit of negative publicity recently due to the problems with its da Vinci robotic surgery system and its component parts. Indeed, Intuitive Surgical even recalled its surgical shears in recent months when it came to light that there may have been a risk of serious injury to patients undergoing robotic surgery due to the risk of electrocution and tissue burns. Additionally, there have been instances in which doctors have been inadequately prepared to utilize... Read More

Da Vinci Robot Trials Forge Ahead Despite Defense Verdict on Issue of Physician Training

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Da Vinci robot trials alleging defects in the robotic machinery manufactured by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. remain very much alive despite last week's defense verdict in a trial alleging inadequate training of a Washington State surgeon whose da Vinci surgery allegedly contributed to the death of a morbidly obese patient. As reported last week, Intuitive Surgical, the maker of the da Vinci surgical robot was exonerated by a Washington State jury which found that the medical device manufacturer was not liable in the... Read More