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Fresenius Imperils Dialysis Patients Administered GranuFlo or Naturalyte

As reported by the New York Times earlier this year, Fresenius Medical Care failed to warn thousands of dialysis patients about the increased risk of cardiac arrest associated with the use of its products Granuflo and Naturalyte. Fresenius operates a number of dialysis clinics across the U.S., but it is also the leading supplier of dialysis products and equipment to other dialysis centers. In November 2011, Fresenius discovered a sharp increase in the number of patients suddenly... Read More

NuvaRing Contraceptive Ring Lawsuits & Investigations

NuvaRing Birth Control

NuvaRing is the trade name for a combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring manufactured by Merck (formerly Schering-Plough, formerly Organon), that is available by prescription. It is a flexible plastic (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) ring that releases a low dose of a progestinand estrogen over three weeks. It is considered to be a “third-generation” birth control method. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of the NuvaRing birth control vaginal ring, and recent court cases are now allowing these... Read More

FDA Pulls Avastin From the Market

On Friday, November 18, 2011 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had pulled from the market the drug Avastin.  Avastin is used for treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer, however there is no evidence the drug is safe and effective for that use. Researchers said Avastin may increase a cancer patient's risk of having a fatal reaction to treatment when it is added to chemotherapy. Please visit our website for additional... Read More

FDA says studies on triclosan, used in sanitizers and soaps, raise concerns

FDA says studies on triclosan, used in sanitizers and soaps, raise concerns: "The Food and Drug Administration said recent research raises 'valid concerns' about the possible health effects of triclosan, an antibacterial chemical found in a growing number of liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquids, shaving gels and even socks, workout clothes and toys."... Read More

FDA comments on denture paste poisoning reports

FDA comments on denture paste poisoning reports | Dallas - Fort Worth News | | Health News: "A spokesperson with the Food and Drug Administration now says they became concerned about the potential of zinc overload from denture adhesives early last year.The news comes after a five-year News 8 investigation into denture paste poisoning in which the FDA was contacted numerous times."... Read More

Companies Race To Bring Diet Drugs To Market – NPR Health Blog : NPR

#drugs Companies Race To Bring Diet Drugs To Market - NPR Health Blog : NPR: "In the battle against obesity, doctors and patients are short on weapons.Eating better and exercising more are, of course, the best first choices for shrinking one's waistline. But often they're not enough to get the job done, and stomach-shrinking surgery remains a daunting and costly option.Now, three small drugmakers are looking to boost the odds of success for dieters with a new crop of medicines... Read More

Reglan and TK

Reglan (metoclopramide) is a drug manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Corporation. It was first approved for use in the U.S. in 1980. It is prescribed for digestive-tract problems such as reflux, delayed stomach emptying and nausea. Although doctors were warned early on that this drug could cause a serious neurological disorder, it took the Food and Drug Administration years to issue a black-box warning about this complication. Read more:... Read More