Risperdal Lawsuit Update: Court Conference Scheduled for July 15, 2014

Risperdal Lawsuit Bars Claims for Punitive Damages

Audet & Partners, LLP reports that hundreds of Risperdal lawsuits now pending in Pennsylvania state courts are moving forward.  A conference is next scheduled for July 15, 2014, at which the parties will further discuss the further of the Risperdal litigation. In the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas (Risperdal Litigation, Case Number 100300296), more than 500 Risperdal lawsuits have been joined in multidistrict litigation (MDL) to facilitate factual discovery and other litigation procedures common to most of the pending lawsuits. Audet &... Read More

Risperdal Class Action FAQs

Risperdal Lawsuit Update

Audet and Partners, LLP is now representing several males who have been diagnosed with Gynecomastia after having taken the antipsychotic drug Risperdal.  If you have suffered this or a similar injury, you may be wondering whether you may have a valid claim for damages. The FAQs below are intended to better help you understand and assess how you might proceed in bringing a Risperdal lawsuit. (1) What is the basis for the current Risperdal lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson? For over a decade,... Read More