About Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella (Drospirenone) Litigation


Some of the newest birth control pills -- Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella -- are the subject of over 1,000 lawsuits that claim the medications increase the risk of blood clots and stroke and cause other health problems in women who take them. Litigation focuses on Bayer Healthcare's failure to disclose the risks of taking these fourth generation combination birth control pills. Recent research regarding Yaz and blood clots prompted the FDA to require Bayer to add warnings to the drug... Read More

Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, and Ocella Birth Control Pills


Yasmin is the brand name for a birth control pill that is generically known as drospirenone.  It is also a treatment for moderate acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) in women.  It is produced by Bayer Healthcare.  Bayer Healthcare also manufactures “Yaz” birth control pills. The main difference between Yaz and Yasmin is in the level of estrogen contained in each pill compared to the level of progestins. Yasmin has brought Bayer Healthcare $487 million in sales in the US alone with $1.5... Read More

Newark woman sues maker of Yaz birth control – Inside Bay Area

Newark woman sues maker of Yaz birth control - Inside Bay Area: "A 39-year-old Newark woman has filed a lawsuit this week against Bayer Corp., blaming its popular birth control product Yaz for causing her stroke and other related health issues.Susan Galinis, the mother of 3-year-old twin girls, took the prescription-only product for four weeks in the summer of 2008, and wound up suffering a stroke that caused her to be hospitalized for six months, said her attorney, Michael Danko.The... Read More