Atlas Roofing Defective Shingles Investigation

Audet and Partners, LLP is investigating potential claims including false representation and breach of warranty against Atlas Roofing Corporation in connection with the company’s manufacture and sale of the following roofing systems:

• Chalet
• GlassMaster
• Pinnacle
• StormMaster Slate
• StormMaster LM
• Stratford

Audet and Partners, LLP has noted complaints raised by Atlas customers that, despite express warranties ranging from 25 years to lifetime, Atlas Shingles exhibit premature failures including cracking, buckling, curling, blistering, degranulation, and leaking.  Additionally, this premature shingle failure has allegedly led, in specific cases, to expensive damage to underlying structures.

It has been further alleged that despite being notified of numerous complaints by dissatisfied customers regarding premature failure of its roofing products, Atlas has continued to promote these products through express language in product brochures and other media in ways that completely ignores the company’s alleged knowledge that these same products have been prone to premature failure.

If you have owned or acquired a building on which Atlas Roofing shingles have been installed and have become aware of premature failure of these products, you are urged to contact Audet and Partners, LLP at (800) 965-1461, or by completing and submitting our confidential inquiry form on the right side of this page.

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