AZEK Decking False Advertising Investigation

Audet and Partners, LLP is investigating potential claims for false advertising on behalf of consumers who purchased AZEK Decking products.  AZEK manufactures an alternative to natural wood decking made from the synthetic material PVC. AZEK markets and advertises their PVC decking as low maintenance and able to avoid the typical drawbacks seen in traditional wood and composite decking, such as staining, scratching, splitting and moisture related problems. Nevertheless, customers are finding out that they aren’t getting what they were promised. A recently filed lawsuit in the Southern District of Illinois (Case No. 3:13-cv-00402-WDS-SCW) alleges that, contrary to AZEK’s advertising claims, their decking is prone to staining, scratching, fading, and  discoloration, as well as mold and mildew deposits.

AZEK owners have noticed that common items such as suntan lotion and bug repellant can cause stains and discoloration that are not easily removed. While AZEK touts their decking as “Low Maintenance,” customers who have voiced concerns over these maintenance issues, have been required by AZEK to purchase an annual conditioner for $60-$100. In extreme cases AZEK has even sent maintenance crews to clean and condition damaged decks. However, many homeowners who received this treatment have said that the “repair” fails within a few weeks and will consequently require yearly service.

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