Express Scripts Lawsuit Alleges Company Stole Customers From Retail Pharmacies

Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating claims by retail pharmacies that Express Scripts Inc. misappropriated patient prescription data obtained from retail pharmacies and used this information to divert customer accounts to Express Scripts.  As part of its pharmacy benefit management services to pharmacies, Express Scripts is routinely granted information to patient information to verify patient prescription eligibility.  But retail pharmacies are now alleging that Express Scripts has also used this information to determine when patients are due for refills.  It has been alleged that in many situations, upon identifying patients due for refills, Express Scripts refilled the prescription through its mail-order service and illegally pocketed the insurance payments.

Retail pharmacies throughout the United States are now suspecting that this practice of Express Scripts was a calculated scheme that may have robbed retail pharmacies of billions of dollars and resulted in a near quintupling of Express Scripts profits between 2009 and 2013.

If you own or work at a retail pharmacy and believe that Express Scripts may have misappropriated patient information to change prescriptions to their mail-order program, you are urged to contact a consumer fraud attorney at Audet & Partners, LLP for a free, confidential case evaluation to determine if you Amy have a claim in an Express Scripts lawsuit.  You can do so either by completing and submitting the confidential inquiry form on the right side of this page or by giving us a call at (800) 965-1461.

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