Home Depot Mahogany Lawsuit Alleges False Misrepresentation

Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating claims by consumers as part of a Home Depot Mahogany Lawsuit that Home Depot falsely advertised and sold wood products as “premium” and “finest grade” mahogany that were, in fact, inferior grades of wood.

Home Depot, which promotes its status on its corporate website as the “world’s largest home improvement retailer,” operates more than 2,200 physical locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, in addition to a sprawling online presence at HomeDepot.com offering more than one million do-it-yourself home improvement products.

Genuine mahogany wood has been preferred for centuries for a wide range of purposes because of the wood’s superior characteristics for various woodworking processes including cutting, shaping, tuning and sanding. Authentic mahogany, and the only hardwoods that can truly be labeled “mahogany,” emanate from the “Meliaceae” family. Various studies undertaken in connection with the Home Depot Mahogany Lawsuit have shown that wood advertised, marketed, and sold by Home Depot as “Mahogany” is actually composed of inferior grades such as Eucalyptus and “Swamp” Mahogany.

The law firm is no longer accepting clients in this case.

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