Kolbe Windows Breach of Warranty Investigation

Audet and Partners, LLP is investigating consumer complaints that windows manufactured by Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. (“Kolbe”) are prone to premature, chronic air and/or water penetration following residential and commercial installation.  Consumer complaints also include Kolbe falsely advertising its windows as requiring little or no maintenance and Kolbe’s failure to properly honor its express warranties after becoming aware of alleged product defects and associated problems experienced by consumers.

Kolbe’s alleged product defects, its alleged false representations, and its failure to honor product warranties may give rise to viable consumer claims for repair and replacement costs, as well as associated consequential damages to be determined.

Kolbe has manufactured windows since approximately 1946.  For much of its recent history, Kolbe has integrated a system called “K-Kron” which has been advertised by the Company as a high performance finishing system formulated to resist damage from weathering, chemical attack, ultraviolet deterioration and chalking – including resistance to the effects of salts, wind, sleet, and snow.  Our investigation suggests that the K-Kron sealant was defective, and that Kolbe continued to integrate K-Kron into hundreds of thousands of windows, even after becoming aware of consumer complaints suggesting that the K-Kron system may have been defective.

Audet and Partners, LLP is now assessing the viability of a class action lawsuit against Kolbe for potential wrongdoing as alleged above.  If you have owned or acquired residential/commercial structures within the United States in which Kolbe windows have been installed since 1990, you are urged to contact Audet and Partners, LLP by calling (800) 965-1461. You can also submit our confidential online inquiry form to the right side of this page.

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