Behr Deck Stain

Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating claims that wood stains manufactured and distributed by Behr Process Corporation may be prone to premature cracking and peeling after periods of use well within the manufacturer’s warranty.

Behr deck stain has been the subject of considerable consumer dissatisfaction expressed on various Internet sites. Recently, there have been reports of the Behr deck stain cracking, chipping, and peeling early on after application and well within the warranty period set by the manufacturer.  Many consumers claim that the stain does not stay intact on their outside decks.* In one example, an individual applied ten gallons of Behr stain to his deck.* When the stain failed to hold, he contacted Behr, who advised him that he would have to purchase hundreds of dollars of additional Behr products but would only be reimbursed for the original price of the defective stain.* In another instance, the stain had a milky film on it and never dried to a clear finish as promised.*

Another gentleman, a contractor for many years, now refuses to use any Behr stains.* In his review of the stain, he argued, “Behr deck products, are the worst, they do not apply evenly, remain tacky for weeks, they peel and flake after a few months, cause water-spotting, and have to be redone with a year in almost all cases.”*

Consumers are angry over their experience with Behr deck stain. The decks of several individuals have had to be re-stained to undo the peeling, cracking, and chipping that appeared within a short period of time after the initial application of the Behr stain.* Depending on the company’s actions going forward, Behr may soon face a slew of lawsuits over the problems with their deck stain.

If you have purchased Behr deck stain, applied the stain to your exterior deck, and experienced cracking, peeling, chipping, etc. similar to that depicted below, you are urged to contact Audet & Partners, LLP for a free consultation to evaluate a potential legal claim against the manufacturer.

Potential claims may include breach of warranty and/or claims that the product was defective as sold and may entitle you to damages in excess of damages limited by the manufacturer’s warranty.

* Behr Stain Rip-Off Report

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