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CertainTeed WeatherBoards Fiber Cement Siding

UPDATE: CertainTeed Corporation and Class counsel for building owners who have CertainTeed fiber cement siding installed have reached a proposed class action settlement. The proposed settlement would provide $103.9 million to building owners from across the United States. Currently, both sides are awaiting final approval of the Settlement from the Court. For updates, settlement information and documents or to request a claim form please see the settlement website: http://www.certainteedfibercementsettlement.com/hc/en-us

According to a recently filed lawsuit, “Certainteed WeatherBoards” cement siding has been alleged to suffer from premature failure, cracking, surface flaking and crumbling.  In addition, according to online complaints, certain installations of this product are alleged to look like “water saturated cardboard” when exposed to moisture.  Other complaints allege that the product cannot handle “stress” and appears to crack prematurely as a result.

The firm of Audet & Partners, LLP is currently investigating these allegations.  If you purchased “Certainteed WeatherBoards Fiber Cement Siding” for your home, and have noticed any of the alleged problems noted above, you are urged to contact our law firm to speak to an attorney.  Please call 800.965.1461 for a confidential discussion.  If you wish, you may instead fill out the simple and confidential form on the right hand side of this page.

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