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Huntington Beach Oil Spill Lawsuit

July 2022 Update: The Huntington Beach Oil Spill has been settled.  Please click here to view more information on the $260 million settlement.

Audet & Partners, LLP is investigating oil spill lawsuit claims on behalf of residents and businesses in the Huntington Beach area who may be adversely impacted by the oil spill that occurred in October 2021.  On Saturday, October 2, 2021, workers from Houston-based Amplify Energy Corp. noticed oil in the water.  It is preliminarily suspected that the leak emanated somewhere along a pipeline 4.5 miles offshore connecting the Elly platform to the coast.

It is thought that the spill may have totaled approximately 126,000 gallons of oil.

The oil spill had an immediate impact on the economy in and surrounding the Huntington Beach area.  Officials almost immediately canceled the final day of the three-day Pacific Airshow which is thought to generate almost $70 million in spending and several million in additional tourism revenue.  The day the spill was reported was also thought to be one of the busiest days in Huntington Beach history, with over a million onlookers visiting the shoreline.  The economic loss solely for the shutdown on Sundays is expected to be in the millions.

Initial projections anticipate that area beaches may be closed for several weeks.

The law firm is no longer accepting clients in this case.

Particular Risks to Fishermen Posed by the Huntington Beach Oil Spill

The recent oil spill off Huntington Beach has prompted a ban on lobster fishing along the Orange County coastline.  Contamination resulting from the oil spill is likely to threaten the livelihood of hundreds of fishermen.

For now, California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has placed a temporary ban on commercial and recreation fishing in the expanse of the oil spill.  State agencies cite a need to review more extensive data prior to reopening the area to fishing pursuits.  This is obviously a threat to lobster fishermen limited to a season between October and March.  The chain of economic loss is expected to extend to boats-for-hire, fuel docks, live-bait providers, and tackle offices.

The law firm is no longer accepting clients in this case.


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