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Audet and Partners, LLP Launches MIrena Complaint Website

Audet and Partners, LLP has recently launched a new website as a resource for women struggling with injuries connected to the Mirena, an IUD manufactured by Bayer. Mirena is an IUD marketed to women who have had at least one child. Inserted by a healthcare professional, the device may remain in a woman’s body for up to five years. is a fantastic resource for women who have taken Mirena, as well as their friends and families. The website provides up-to-date information about lawsuits and safety notices concerning Mirena.

The Mirena Legal Blog contains articles discussing reports of complications, high risks of ectopic pregnancy associated with Mirena,  the risk of migration of the IUD itself, Bayer’s replacement of the Mirena IUD, and information about the current cases pending across the United States involving the IUD. Additionally, the blog contains a question and answer post and an invitation to contact Audet and Partners LLP for a free consultation.

Much of the current Mirena IUD litigation in the United States is currently consolidated before Judge Cathy Seibel of the Southern District of New York in Federal multidistrict litigation proceedings.*

The website also discusses many of the common complications associated with Mirena. These include abscesses, embedment of the device in the uterus, erosion of adjacent areas, infertility, migration of the device to other areas of the body, peritonitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and perforation of the uterus.

Attorney William Audet, Managing Partner of Audet and Partners, LLP, stresses the importance of making legal information readily available to women who have used the Mirena IUD. “Our new site will provide women with important information as active legal claims move forward in Federal Court. The nature of complex litigation in multidistrict proceedings can be confusing even to many experienced attorneys. We hope to provide some clarity to plaintiffs and women considering a claims based on injuries they believe may be related to the Mirena IUD.”

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