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Da Vinci Robot Deployment Impact On Hospital Administration

A new whitepaper has recently been issued discussing the pros and cons of robotic surgery using the da Vinci surgical robot.* The author of the whitepaper, Hospital Administration Experts Arthur Shorr and Associates, claims to be among the nation’s leading authorities on the da Vinci surgical robot.**

Da Vinci Robot Deployment and Impact on Hospital AdministrationWith regard to the benefits of the da Vinci surgical robot, Shorr explains that having a robot and using it in surgery increases a hospital’s competitive advantage.* Some of the first hospitals to implement use of the robot have seen increased patient volume.* Next, according to the whitepaper, the 3D “visual optics” are much more improved over a surgeon’s plain eyesight.* Where a surgeon’s eyes would be at least two feet away from a patient, with the use of the robot, a surgeon can now be only an inch away.* Lastly, the whitepaper argues that the 360-degree rotational ability of the instruments on the robot make it easier to continue surgery without requiring interruptions for the surgeon to reposition the instruments in his or her hands.*

In terms of the negative aspects of the surgical robot, the initial cost is extremely high, estimated to be about $1.8 million and the maintenance costs are quite high as well.* After ten uses of a robot, the instruments must be replaced.* Use of the robot comes with a slower learning curve for doctors.* When hospitals attempt to balance patient safety with the high training costs, sometimes poor patient outcomes occur.* There are also increased costs to the patient per surgery, estimated at around $2,500 per procedure compared to traditional methods.*

Only time will tell whether the benefits outweigh the burdens of robotically-assisted surgery. In the meantime, if you or someone you know has suffered an injury that may be related to the da Vinci surgical robot, please contact Audet & Partners, LLP by calling us toll free at 800.965.1461. Alternatively, please complete and submit our confidential inquiry form on the right side of this page.  Please act now, since the law may limit your right to recovery if you delay.

* The da Vinci robot: As inventive as its namesake or a nuisance for healthcare? A Hospital Experts report by one of the nation’s leading authorities on the da Vinci robot, (Arthur S. Shorr & Associates), http://www.arthurshorr.com/docs/davinci_white_paper.pdf

** Hospital Experts, (Arthur S. Shorr & Associates), http://www.arthurshorr.com

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