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Da Vinci Surgery Allegedly Leaves Broken Instrument in Patient

Intuitive Surgical continues to remain the subject of much discussion because of injuries caused by the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System and its component parts. Of particular concern have been the burns and electrocutions that have seriously injured patients undergoing surgery with the assistance of the robot and its tools. Such burns have resulted in organ damage, infection, and severe bleeding, among other complications.

Da Vinci Robot Instrument Breaks Off Inside PatientRisk of electrocution and tissue burns are not the only ways in which patients are being harmed by the da Vinci robot and its components and attachments. Late last month, a Southeast Portland woman suffered months of severe and unexplained pain following a hysterectomy performed with the surgical robot.* Despite her excruciating pain, the patient was unable to convince her physicians and other healthcare providers that there was something seriously wrong.* She tried everything, from physical therapy to pain medicine, and even acupuncture, but obtained little if any relief.*

After dealing with her intense pain for quite a while, the injured patient was finally able to secure a CT scan of her pelvis.* The scan revealed yet another way in which the da Vinci surgical system can be dangerous. Doctors finally uncovered the problem; there was a piece of one of the da Vinci instruments that had broken off during surgery and lodged in her pelvic area.*Had the doctors realized the danger posed by the da Vinci robot and its instruments, perhaps the CT scan or x-ray could have been taken earlier. Had it been, the victim in this incident may have been able to remedy her pain long ago, without the need to spend additional money and time on alternative pain therapies.

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