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Mirena IUD Complications Involving Uterine Perforation

One of the most serious complications associated with the Mirena IUD is perforation of the uterus or migration of the IUD within the body. These complications may cause further problems that include but are not limited to:  injury or perforation of other organs, infection, adhesions, infertility, and/or ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms[i] of uterine perforation and/or migration include:  lower abdominal pain, severe cramping, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and/or fever.  “A ‘missing’ IUD string should raise suspicion”[ii] of IUDs that may have perforated the uterine wall or migrated within the body

Oftentimes, the symptoms are mistaken for other health concerns, as was the case with a woman who was treated for non-existent ovarian cysts.  She posted her experience on the CureZone.org[ii].  After two years, many visits to several doctors, x-rays, ultrasounds, a CAT Scan finally enabled doctors to see that the Mirena IUD had punctured this woman’s uterus in two places, requiring surgery for its removal.  She continued to experience issues relating to remaining scar tissue in her uterus.

In other cases, upon being unable to locate the IUD, doctors have indicated to patients that the IUD must have been expelled.  Seven weeks after delivery, a 31-year-old woman underwent insertion of an IUD.  One year later, the doctor was unable to find the IUD upon physical examination, ultrasound and x-ray.  It was therefore assumed that it had been expelled.  Later that year, upon x-ray of the lumbar spine, the IUD was located and surgically removed.[iii]

Melody Williams of California experienced abdominal cramping and when doctors attempted to remove the IUD, they discovered that it had migrated through her fallopian tube, resulting in infection.[iv]

According to a study conducted by ehealthme.com[v], as of March 20, 2013, of 58,328 women who reported experiencing negative side-effects related to the Mirena IUD, 1,394 indicated that their IUD had migrated from their uterus to other locations in their bodies.  WebMD.com indicates that perforation will occur in 1 out of 1,000 women.  Considering that over two million women have been implanted with the Mirena IUD[vi], these odds are extremely alarming.

In an effort to warn and educate other women about these issues, those who have experienced uterine perforation or migration of the Mirena IUD have created numerous blogs to share their experiences.  Below are a few samples of what is being said by these women who have been negatively affected:




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