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Women’s Health Law Site Launched by Audet and Partners, LLP

Because women have unique health considerations, in addition to those they share with men, Audet & Partners LLP has launched a new website dedicated solely to issues of women’s health. The site will function as a resource for women and their loved ones to search and find resources on a wide variety of issues. The site will mainly focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices affecting the health of women across the United States. The firm’s website, Women’s Health Law Info, can be found by navigating to http://www.womenshealthlawinfo.com.

The three main issues discussed on the website involve transvaginal/pelvic mesh, the Mirena IUD, and surgery using the da Vinci robot manufactured by Intuitive Surgical.  The website also discusses other types of defective products under investigation by the firm. These include Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, the Nuvaring, and metal hip replacements. Women’s Health Law Info gives women detailed information about defective pharmaceutical and medical devices, including statistics and medical reports. Additionally, the firm regularly updates the website to keep readers current about cases pending across the United States.

With regard to transvaginal mesh, it is implanted in tens of thousands of women to address problems associated with pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Despite its uses, the pelvic mesh has been known to cause serious health-related consequences. These have ranged from infection to persistent pain during intercourse. The da Vinci Surgical Robot, made in California by Intuitive surgical is used in a large number of hysterectomies, due to its ability to be used in minimally invasive procedures. Despite its benefits, it has been linked with dangerous internal surgical burns and electric shocks.

If you or a loved one are interested in issues of women’s health, especially with regard to pharmaceuticals and medical devices that affect the health of women, Audet and Partners LLP invites you to visit Women’s Health Law Info to remain current on these important issues.

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